Brea M. Heidelberg

Anti-Blackness moves beyond the idea of discrimination...

… and more polite conceptualizations of inequalities that impact Black people. Instead, it offers a “deeper understanding of the Black condition within a context of utter contempt for, and acceptance of violence” against Black people.
It is important to understand the contours of how anti- Blackness in arts management operates if the field is to actually achieve the kind of anti-racist restructuring called for from Black and POC artists, arts administrators, allies, and accomplices.

In-group preferencing... is often responsible for racialized career advancement trends that see Black individuals in perpetual mid-level positions while their White counterparts advance to executive-level positions.

Brea  M.  Heidelberg

Consultant, educator, Resercher

Brea  M. Heidelberg is an arts management consultant, educator, and researcher interested in equity issues, human resource development, and knowledge management in cultural ecosystems. She is an associate professor and Program Director of the Entertainment & Arts Management Program at Drexel University, USA.

Photos: National Theater in Lagos State, Nigeria photo by Omoeko Media; book cover Art of NIgeria by Ulli Beier. Images for use from author, or under creative commons and / or public domain. 

Arts Management, Cultural Policy, & the African Diaspora

Art Management, Cultural Policy, & the African Diaspora